Reviews of Previous Live Big Events with Katrina Sawa

I thought I’d put together a page for you to see some pictures and testimonials from some of my previous events!

  Katrina’s events happen 2-4 times a year!


April 2016 – Speaker Success Bootcamp:

_MG_3686Speaker Success Bootcamp is all about working on what needs to get done to book more speaking gigs or get started speaking. We work ON things such as your talk title, description, bullet-points, your bio, your speaker sheet, what to put on your website’s speaker page, how to get the attention of speaker bookers PLUS we even (at least in 2016) give every attendee a FREE 5 minute video clip of themselves on stage to put on your website or give to promoters because they ALL want to see video of you these days.

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February 2016 Love & Money LIVE!:


““Love and Money,” like all of Katrina’s events is a serious boat load of valuable, action-oriented content focused on helping entrepreneurs rock their business going forward. Most importantly, you’ll identify the gaps that are impeding your growth, and zero-in on a set of priorities bound to move the needle.” – Barry Feldman, Feldman Creative,

“Katrina has so many tools and systems to help business owners to elevate their business and get them on automatic. She took my new website with beautiful graphics and made it state of the art to handle every aspect of the technology age of business. She is my “go to” for so many things and she’s just amazing! I highly recommend her and her team.” – Syndee Hendricks, Insightful Coaching,

JamesKey-Feb2016“Katrina’s Love and Money Live was a fabulous event. She selected incredibly helpful speakers and her ability to provide tons of tips and tools to help me and my business thrive are greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend attending a future event.” – Leisa Peterson, Wealth Coach, Wealth Clinic,

November 2015 Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit:

Nov2015EventGroup1“This is a great environment to learn and build fellowship with other entrepreneurs. Kat knows how to build and nurture a creative, prosperous community.” – Joanna Jullien, CEO & Founder of the Banana Moments Foundation

“It is full of so much jumpstarting your business.” – Crystal Singh, Counselor & Coach of Crystal Clear Coaching

“I’ve needed systems for years. I’ve been in programs and I’ve had Kat create a system, except I have never understood the steps involved. I now understand what a ‘system’ means and what is involved.” – Mary Kraemer, CEO & Founder of Gotta Get Balanced, LLC

“Katrina Sawa is an experienced, savvy speaker that presents with her heart. She is authentic and direct as a speaker, and cares about her clients. She is quick on her feet, is brilliant with her constructive criticism – which is well received by all. I enjoy her events because I am able to respond with humor to things… and she gets it. I always learn something more with every event.” – Terry Miyamoto, Senior Care Consultant at Advanced Wellness

“There are definitely lots of nuggets to take away in this 3-day workshop. Ideas on online marketing and follow-ups which is everyone’s downfall.” – Christina Kusuma,

“This event and Katrina’s genius is the kick in the pants I needed to get serious about my business. It’s great having her action steps and strategy as a guide. As a speaker and sponsor of Katrina’s event, I meet qualified and high quality prospects. I actually more than doubled my revenue at the back of the room (comparing November 2014 to November 2015). It is a pleasure working with her and her team!” – Alicia White, Founder & Creative Director of Back of the Room Productions

“It was a dynamic, engaging and networking rich program. I was able to commit to start using some tools and make it happen!” – Deviika Ma Ananda, Yoga and Wellness Expert and Workshop Leader

“A lot of good content. They can walk away with a ‘To Do’ and get great additional help/coaching” – John Kirk, CEO of J Philip Partners

“I loved this event. Not only did I get TONS of information but even more important was the love and caring that Kat has for each and everyone of us that gave me the confidence to really believe I can do it.” – Georgiana Kovell, Performance Strategist of Georgiana Kovell Coaching

“Thanks Katrina! Love the roadmap to ‘Just Get Started’ – expect the bumps, keep moving and you will eventually reach your destination! Analyze and course correct and start your engine again!” – Angie Neuerburg, Welcome Wagon

“Katrina’s JumpStart Your Marketing & Sales Summit launched strategies, stimulated BIG ideas, and expanded my vision for The WOW Talks. I signed up for her Mastermind Program to ENSURE all my plans are systemized for success.” – Dr. Leslie Hewitt, Mama WOW & CEO of The WOW Talks and Chiropractor

“I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information Katrina shared throughout the event .I have a solid plan of what I am going to implement after the event. When other participants say they keep coming back to her events because they either learn something new or they are finally able to hear and implement something she’s presented before, I GET IT! I will definitely attend more of her events because she is authentic, funny, and really cares about you becoming successful! Thank you Kat!” – Sonya Williams, Intuitive Life Coach of Success Coaching Unlimited

“Katrina is a wealth of information and shares generously. She creates a fun and open space where people can share and learn. If you like to dive into a 360° course on marketing and sales, this is the event for you!” – Robin Treasure, Wellness Strategist

“This was an amazing event. I learned so much more about the possibilities for my business. Kat shares that there are so many more effective options to grow your business than other coaches. It is refreshing to learn that I don’t need to follow one program. I am excited to take what I’ve learned and apply it to my business ASAP.” – Deanne Gamba, Aligned Wisdom Success Coach

“Kat gives so much great content on everything you need to know to grow your business. She is so knowledgeable and has a template and system for every aspect of your business. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I have so many things to implement into my business now.” – Debbie Hoffman, President of Power-Up! Your Follow Up

“I especially enjoyed Kat’s pragmatic, straight-forward approach while keeping the event fun.” – Ricci Ackerman


April 2015 Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit:


VIP Masterminding Lunches


My Awesome Jumpstart TEAM!




YES! Men attend too!


We hold HOT SEATS to give some attendees LASER COACHING NOW!

We hold HOT SEATS to give some attendees LASER COACHING NOW!


We provide a very safe, loving environment to share.

  November 2014 Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit:

EventNov2014-GroupWaving EventNov2014-Panel1             EventNov2014-Reception1

April 2014 Summit:









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2013 – I held a bunch of one day workshops: The Jumpstart Your Biz Workshop Series

Sept group

2012 – I held two events, my Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend Intensive and my Love & Money Business Summit






2011 – I held two events, my Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend Intensive and my Love & Money Business Summit

JSYBIWI-OnlineCoverImage-1   We even had a one day wine tasting trip following the event!

We even had a one day wine tasting trip following the event!


2010 – I held two events, my Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend Intensive and my Love & Money Business Summit

IMAG0138  roombreak2

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2009 – I held my Love & Money Business Summit for the first time!

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2008 – I put on my first live event ever with multiple speakers called: Entrepalooza and it was a big hit!

KatChrisJackie  Kathleen

TodNovak2  Wayne  EntrepaloozaFINAL-Frontentrepalooza flyer3